The Coolest Couple on YouTube

Young track stars Hunter Woodhall and Tara Davis have a hit YouTube channel about their relationship.

Watch any of the videos on Hunter Woodhall and Tara Davis’ YouTube channel ( and you’ll feel the energy between this young couple, both 19-year-old rising track stars. Woodhall, a bilateral above-knee amputee since infancy due to a congenital limb difference, worked diligently in high school to overcome low self-esteem and pursue his passion and talent as a sprinter.

He was so focused that in his sophomore, junior, and senior years, he won silver and bronze medals as a Paralympic athlete and is the Utah record holder for the 400m/4x400m, as well as a five-time state champion.

Woodhall and Davis, now in college with track scholarships—Woodhall at the University of Arkansas for sprinting and Davis in a different state for hurdles—create a window into their relationship through their YouTube channel. Documenting their relationship is a way of shortening the physical distance between them while giving them something special that they can do together.

Read the full story in Amplitude Magazine.

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