Tiny Dancer Takes Big Leaps Through Life

Image by Catalina Fragoso

Nine-year-old Michaella Metz twirls, tumbles, runs, flips, skates, climbs, and slides her way through life. She is a softball All Star (at the time of publication, her softball team was 6-0 with four games left) and a competitive dancer. She’s also a left-foot amputee. Although she explores a number of other activities like tumbling, cheerleading, and ice skating, the center of her activities is dancing. This year she began dancing competitively and received the highest score possible in four out of five competitions.

Born with a congenital limb anomaly, Michaella is her parents’ “miracle baby.” Her mother, Maria Pilone Metz, lost Michaella’s twin in utero, and doctors said that Michaella would be born with a limb difference. No one knew what to expect, but with uncertainty came a natural dose of fear.

Read more in Amplitude Magazine.

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