Radiating Hope: Khan’s medical breakthrough sparks hope during COVID-19 crisis

Radiation oncologist Mohammad Khan (NE/PhD, ’02) recalls the mood in March. Everyone—doctors and patients alike—was in shock about COVID-19 which led him to think about radiotherapy in a new way.

“Patients were afraid to come see us and we were afraid to see our patients,” said Khan, an associate professor at Emory University’s School of Medicine. “We also realized there weren’t enough face masks or shields, gloves, and protection for all the doctors taking care of the patients. We were wondering what could we do. I was thinking outside the box because of the circumstances of the pandemic, and the fear probably drove me to think a little differently.”

As a radiation expert, Khan is used to other medical disciplines overlooking radiotherapy treatment for infection. But in the moment of impending crisis, inspiration struck.

Read more at nee.utk.edu.

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