David Higgins: Technical Meets Flexible And Makes Beautiful

Silk painting by artist David Higgins.

In the gallery at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, colourful silk paintings create a vibrant mood where silk painters from around the globe have gathered for the October 2016 Silk in Transition SPIN Festival. Featured guest and keynote speaker at the festival, David Higgins, has a shock of curly, greyish white hair

that springs happily in all directions. His face holds an easy smile. He is friendly and approachable as he and Gail, his wife of 40 years, mingle with the other guests, talking about all aspects of the craft, as well as their visit to America.

In his keynote address, Higgins remained calm and easy-going despite

a technical issue with the slideshow. Instead of the prepared presentation, he improvised and shared dozens of images of his work over the years, including illustrations, large-scale sculptures, paintings and textile work.

In the darkened room, gentle sounds of awe could be heard from festival attendees while he shared his images with the room. It was clear that people were drinking it in, learning and appreciating the talent and hard work that has served to help David make a name for

himself in the art world. Of great interest to the painters who had come to hear him speak were the images and discussion he shared about his process of working with silk from beginning to end.

Read the full story in Silkworm Magazine.

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